– Multimedia artist & Graphic Designer –


Cheyenne enjoys working with computers and has always loved art, so that combination drew her to this program. The close location of the college to her home factored into her decision to study graphic design here. She says that the WEGD program provided her the opportunity to improve her design skills and extend her exploration of design techniques. What she most loves about graphic art is having the freedom to create and explore many different art forms.

Although Cheyenne gravitates towards Photoshop, she is excited about exploring: drawing, photography, digital painting, 3D design, animation, and print design. When creating her own work, she draws inspiration from favourite novels, films, and video games. “I enjoy expressing my imagination and bringing my ideas to life,” she explains. Her passion for story influences the future direction of her work. She wants to further build on her drawing skills and learn more about VFX and special effects in film. Her favourite projects were the digital landscape concept matt, and the character story boards, which are closely aligned with her plans to work in film and animation.

Cheyenne listens to game soundtracks or electronic music while working, often finding it helpful to choose music that reflects the mood or tone of the piece that she is working on. To unwind Cheyenne likes to write, research, read, sew, play video games, walk, daydream, watch movies and listen to music.

Cheyenne plans to build a career as a multi-media artist. By combining her passions with her talents, she can specialize in a wide variety of graphic arts. She remains open to the size and number of projects that she will work on in the future.


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