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Christine was drawn to the WEGD program because graphic design is a new work environment from what she’s used to and is a career path that will allow her to be more creative than prior jobs would allow.

Some personal interests and skills of hers include crochet and looking at artsy books. “I like cheese” Christine states when asked what she likes to eat while working. Unwinding involves crochet, walking her dogs, and watching a good movie. To take her art another step further, Christine hopes to explore new areas in painting and designing textiles.

She most enjoys the 3D Rapid Prototyping class the program offers, “I like it because it is challenging” Christine says, “thinking in 3D is a new way of thinking for me.” Christine is proudest of her 3D laser-cut building project. “It was a lot of work, having a final product was very satisfying” she explains. Christine is also proud with the result of her product packaging for the same reasons. 

Her dream career would be to freelance. Ideally, Christine hopes for a job that will allow her to have the freedom to be creative, as opposed to a job that involves repetitive tasks. Christine feels she’s gained many new skills, including a greater understanding of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite programs during her time in the WEGD program.


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