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Linda has been interested in graphic design for many years. She used to design logos for t-shirts, caps, and more. “I’ve always enjoyed working with other people to get the design they want. The CNC program looked really good, and it’s in my home community,” she says.

Linda most enjoys learning about all the elements of a good design and then pulling them together. She uses her artistic skills, colour awareness, and insistence to create fresh, original works. She would like to play around more with software like Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as continue growing in her drawing skills.

While working, Linda enjoys drinking a chai tea and listening to music. To relax and unwind, she likes to read, walk, party, and make jewelry. A project she is most pleased with was the first project she created. The project was done for a contest, “although I didn’t enter, I liked the experience I gained from it,” Linda shares, “I designed paper lanterns to symbolize people’s inner glow. I was very satisfied with my design.” A favorite moment and personal accomplishment of Linda’s was when she finally stopped blushing while standing in front of peers while sharing and discussing her projects.

Linda’s ideal career would be to do illustrations for books, and, potentially, websites. She wants to be a near-full-time illustrator and part-time designer, with a mix of art and graphic work for variety. During her time in the WEGD program, Linda learned to use software for creating designs, and happily discovered a personal direction for herself, which is to become an illustrator. 

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Prince George, BC, Canada