– Graphic Designer –


In high school, Madison was fed up with math and science, never feeling she had the chance to take any art courses. “I was always that kid on the computer, editing photos on pic-editor, making edits with cool graphic transitions and all.” Her mother suggested she look at the program. Madison decided it was a good idea, knowing it would be nothing like math, and thus a good fit.

While working, Madison prefers snacking on cheese and crackers with cucumbers and, of course, chips and dill pickle dip. She finds being outside and playing video games to be relaxing.

Madison is proudest of her animation class project, an interactive document on protecting the bees. Another was when looking through different design movements, “I had surrealism for my project,” she goes on, “so I created this picture in place that had frogs doing people activities; smoking a pipe, riding a bike, and this open sky. I have fun playing with things that don’t exist in the real world.” Madison would like to expand her skills by looking into creating a brand for herself – something she has been working on in the Applied Skills Lab.

Madison really enjoys making graphic designs that have a purpose in helping to improve the environment. Her dream job would be to promote saving the planet and protecting the environment using her graphic skills. Having flexible hours and working from home, while still meeting with others and receiving feedback, would be a plus.

Since joining the WEGD program, Madison learned more about herself as a person, plenty of computer skills, to not take people for granted, and to ask for help when you need it. “I enjoyed all the friendships I’ve made, the teachers are great – they care about you as a person and as a student” Madison says, reflecting on her experiences, “it’s much more personal than sitting in a giant lecture hall.”


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