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After dropping out of art school and graduating from makeup school, Roxanne thought “third times the charm” and decided to give the WEGD program a try. This decision payed off, as she ended up loving it.

Roxanne enjoys creating vector illustrations. Melding Japanese pop culture, nerd culture, and cats into her personal work. A favorite non-digital medium of hers is watercolour and ink. After learning how to use illustrator, she found that vector illustrations are almost the digital form of this medium. “I used to do a lot of pixel art, so it ties into that and fits with my artistic aesthetic,” Roxanne explains.

Roxanne is most pleased with the work she’s done on her vinyl mock-up and the work she’s completed for CrossRoads Brewing. Additional areas she would like to explore would be basic animations to add more to her vector drawings, and turning her vectors into t-shirts, prints, and more.

Roxanne feels she’s gained many new skills, never having used any of the software prior to starting the program. She has also discovered a renewed love of art since leaving art school. Her ideal dream job involves working a 9-5 Monday to Friday job with weekends off and with a close team specializing in branding and social media.

Roxanne likes listening to deep house and vaporwave. While she tries to avoid eating around her laptop, she finds cooking or playing video games an enjoyable way of relaxing. When asked if she had any favorite moments from the program, Roxanne explained, “There was no particular moment. Just when we were all bullshitting about random things – I’m gonna miss it.” 

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123 Sesame Street, right next door to Oscar’s trash can and Big bird’s nest.

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