– Graphic Designer & Artist-


Sam wanted to go to college closer to home, and to make sure that the WEGD program was a career path she wanted to pursue. Always drawn to computers and art, she took all such available courses throughout high school. Happily, she discovered that they meld together in graphic design.

Sam enjoys using computers to problem solve. When she combines that with her creative side, she finds great satisfaction in completing a good design. She likes gaming, and creating both traditional and digital art. Says Sam, “I am a bit of a nerd, and an artist. It definitely influences my designs.”

She is currently delving into research on print design and video production, such as motion graphics. Her focus is sometimes assisted by listening to piano and electronic music, and maybe a cup of coffee at hand. Sam finds working on artwork, a new cosplay, or just playing video games, a relaxing way to spend her down time.

Along with improving her design skills at the college, working on projects has made her more comfortable pushing limits, such as learning new software programs. Two of her most pleasing endeavours are the animatic and the motion graphic projects she created. “The motion graphic had a professional look and feel to it that I could envision being used in an industry setting.”

An ideal job for her is combining her design skills with her artistic ability to create work that she is proud to share with the world. She imagines that she will often be working on a few projects at the same time.

A memorable school moment for Sam was in her life drawing course, when a group of exchange students arrived late to class, only to witness the nude model already striking poses


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