– Graphic Designer –


Sukh was influenced to attend CNC by the presence of close family friends in Prince George. He finds good art exciting, but has many interests such as music, fashion, and hanging out with friends. In design work, he really enjoys making portraits by combining digital and traditional art styles. A big fan of culture, Sukh applies his fashion sense to his designs. He also enjoys sharing his rewarding experiences of Punjabi culture with his friends, old and new.

“Being a social guy,” he explains, “I am always trying to be updated with trending designs and types of art.” Free time often finds Sukh exploring new work by well-known fashion designers. To relax, he watches movies, naps, shops, and drives around with friends. While working, he usually listens to his traditional Punjabi music.

“I’ve gained confidence in my abilities, knowledge of design principles, and made some good friends during the program. There were so many different projects it’s difficult to compare them. They were all good experiences.” he is generally pleased with how they turned out.

Sukh would like to enter the entertainment industry in areas such as: video directing, editing, designing concert posters, and music albums. He thinks he might try designing some tee shirts and hoodies, to test-drive his keen fashion sense. Sukh thinks that it would be great to work on just one main project at a time, rather than lots of small ones. “But working on a big project often leads to ideas for smaller ones.” he speculates.


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